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One More Time

One More Time - a swedish band, that started in 1991, with Nanne and Peter Grönvall and Maria Rådsten.


They releasead their first single "Highland" in 1992, which became a big hit in Europe and even sold gold in South Africa. It peaked at No. 1 in Belgium, No. 2 in Sweden, and the top 80 in several countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, UK and Germany.

In 1996 they participated and won in the swedish national preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Den Vilda" ("The Wilderness Mistress" in english. In Eurovision the reached the "bronze", they came on third place in the whole competition.

The group toured frequently in Europe for several years, but in 1998, they decided not to tour abroad anymore, since they wanted to be present at home for their, by that time, small kids.

In 2023 they've made a comeback with their first new written song "Kärleken" (Love), recorded together as a big choirprojekt.


More new One More Time singles will be released in the autumn of 2023.

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